“Glowing in the Dark” dance, success

Homecoming 2K16


Students pose together at the Homecoming dance on Sept. 24 in the Main Gym. Photo courtesy of the Crest Yearbook

Hailey Hecht-O'connor, Staff Writer

After last year’s ‘spirit drought’ the homecoming dance shows signs of the school’s gradual recovery.

On Saturday, Sept. 24 from 7-10 p.m. Student Council held their annual homecoming dance themed ‘Glow in the Dark’.

490 tickets were sold, which is a 340 student increase from last year, according to Mrs. Lynn O’Brien, Student Council co-sponsor.

The numbers were higher most likely because many of those who attended the event were freshmen, O’Brien adds.

“Homecoming was cool.” says Amelia Ingram, freshman. “I went with a whole group of friends and had lots of fun.”

The dance kept many features from last year, such as the photo booth and effects like the strobe lights and haze machines. However, new additions were made, such as free food and drink, free glow sticks to match the theme, and a coat check run by Snowball .

“I really enjoyed the food.” Ingram adds. “And I was so glad it was free too!”

Student Council has been surveying students for feedback on the event. Their next step, according to O’Brien, is figuring out how to get people excited and motivated to participate.

“We would like for it [homecoming] to become this thing that’s celebrating school spirit,” O’Brien explains. “The whole point of homecoming is celebrating being a school and having school pride.”

Student Council is using the data from surveys to plan for next year’s dance.