Vandalism comes with bigger cost


The mirrors in the 1st floor boys bathrooms have been vandalized, and as of now, there are none.

Hailey Hecht-O'Connor, Staff Writer

Since Nov. 3, the boys’ bathrooms have been lacking mirrors due to vandalism.

The mirrors in the boys’ first and second floor bathrooms have been scratched up, causing them to need repair. Each mirror is a custom cut size, and have been reordered at around $70 a piece, according to Kent Mavity, the Building Engineer.

However, this is not the worst of the ruin. One of the things the school fixes often are the stalls in the bathrooms, getting repainted a couple times every month.

According to the custodians, $1000s are spent each year in order to repair the damage that students cause.

“It’s not always about cost,” explains Mavity. “A lot of manpower is involved.”

The doors of the girls’ bathrooms and the boys’ locker room, clogged and broken toilets, and the ceiling tiles in the cafeteria are among the various objects that have been broken by students restored this year, all which take up hours of time.

“Fixing the stuff broken by students takes away from what needs to be done,” expressed a custodian, who wished to remain anonymous. “We should be focusing on this old building.”

As long as students continue to deface the school, the janitorial staff will continue to spend their efforts on repairing damage instead of using their valuable time and money on bettering the aged building.