Young team works to find stride


Photo courtesy of Joel Herrera


Amari Glover, Staff Writer

The  boys varsity basketball team is struggling to get wins with the record of 1-6.

The team is not starting off as well as last year’s team who finished with a record of 14-13.

This year, they are a unique group of boys and a new team to competing at the varsity level.

This is Coach Neil Miguez’s second year coaching varsity basketball and he is working on trying to be more patient with his young team.

Miguez’s goal for this year’s team is to simplify things. Last years players were more experienced and since many graduated, this year’s group has a whole new offense revolving around senior Aaron Sanders.

“It is difficult to make sure all the players are playing hard because we’re behind and playing catch-up, slowing up film and practice time” Miguez adds.

The team is still working out many issues on the court because summer camp wasn’t as successful as Miguez hoped.  Some of the players who were expected to attend did not come, which slowed the team-building process.

“The boys are very resilient, and they keep playing hard even with loses,” says Miguez. “We are showing a lot of improvement on our defense.”

The next home game will be Friday, Dec. 16 against TF North.