Cheer team organizes Movie Night


Junior, Alison Mabins working at the concession stand during Cheer Movie Night on Dec. 2 (Photo courtesy of Amari Glover)

Joel Herrera, Staff Writer

On Friday, Dec. 2,  the Cheer Team held their first Movie Night in the LRC. They featured Insidious, a spine tingling thriller, for only $5.

The purpose of the movie night was to bring students to basketball games that were held at Eisenhower. The team fundraised money in order to pay competition fees throughout their season.

The event did not have the desirable amount of students that Head Coach Tomeka Hawkins was looking forward to.

“15 students came to the movie night,” says Hawkins. “The money we earned would not even be categorized as fundraised money.”

Hawkins believes the reason why many students did not attend the event was because the event was held right after school.

The cheer team plans on having another Movie Night in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) in order to have a movie feel. They will also reschedule to a later time, allowing students to already have the time to change and have the necessities they need for the game.

Their next movie night will be Dec. 15 with their featured film still undecided. They intend on charging $5 for admission and  a concession stand will be open for students to buy several snacks including pizza and pop.