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High school students unprepared for college

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College is the gateway to opportunity, allowing high school students to learn the skills they need to apply for higher-level careers with greater salaries. However, students nowadays are hysterically unprepared and are setting themselves up to fail.

At Eisenhower, students are exposed to college level work through AP courses. These courses are designed to build the skills students will need in college. These classes are extremely helpful, yet so many students are not taking the initiative to sign up for them. Many of them are neglecting these classes because they are too busy or afraid of the workload and the emotional stress that comes with the class.

In 2015, 50 students took AP Literature at Eisenhower with the class only made up of seniors, however, today, only 22 seniors are taking AP Literature. Where did they all go?

Students have this big misconception of AP classes,” says AP Literature Teacher Kerry Fialkowski. “They think the workload is too much for them or the class will take up most of their social life, when the class is really meant for you to develop the skills you will need in college.”

As a sophomore, I plan on taking AP classes next year even though some of my peers may see it as a suicide mission. For sure this class is not going to be a walk in the park because college is not easy. And this is one major reason why many teens hesitate on taking these classes. They want everything handed to them on a silver platter. Well I’m sorry to say, but life does not work like that because being an “Average Joe” will not get you very far in life. We need to reshape our thinking on college because settling for less doesn’t prepare you for college.

Challenging yourself throughout high school is one great technique that will help ready you for college. We have all heard the saying “Practice makes perfect” and it is so true. What better way to ready yourself for a test then with practice. Whether you are challenging yourself by taking AP classes, or putting education as one of your priorities, going the extra mile in your studies will get you closer to the finish line of success.



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High school students unprepared for college