Freddy and Jason Live on

Heather Tempel, Staff Writer

The all time best slasher, horror movies of all time are without a doubt, Friday the 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street.

Jason Voorhees is a serial murderer believed to have drowned in Crystal Lake returns to camp to take his revenge on the young camp counselors. Nightmare On Elm Street has similar undertones, but is about Freddy krueger a janitor burned alive comes back for revenge  in their nightmares.

Freddy and Jason have many similarities for instance they both are killed and come back for revenge, but little do people know they can never die,  because they’re already dead. In Friday the 13th Jason is at the camp where he was killed and stays there to kill the young teen counselors to where in Nightmare On Elm Street the teens are having these nightmares.

The total gross from both movies was about $1,480,503,500 after only a few weeks of being out. Friday the 13th came out in 1980 and ended with a ten-part movie series, while Nightmare On Elm Street came out in 1984 and ended with an eight-part movie series. Both movies ironically ended in 2003.

I personally like horror movies and find both Friday the 13th and Nightmare On Elm Street a few of my favorite classics of all time, because in one movie there’s a group of young camp counselors that are trying not to be killed from  someone who’s already dead. In the other movie there’s a guy visiting teens in their nightmares killing them in their sleep without barely having time to get out. They never get old to me.

Going back to my childhood when horror movies could do all these spaceil effects without the technology we have today makes them better. Nowadays horror movies are more predictable and less scary.  When I want a night of being scared and get to go back to my childhood of being scared I just watch the horror classics.

Overall I rate both movies five stars because to me they are amazing and done just right.