Group Interpretation performs ‘House on Mango Street’


Senior Brianna Ramirez playing as Esperanza Cordero in the PAC on March 15.

Joel Herrera, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, March 17, Group Interpretation performed the novella “House on Mango Street” by Sandra Cisneros for all english classes in the Performing Arts Center.

The novella follows Esperanza Cordero, played by Junior Brianna Ramirez, and her life growing up in Chicago with Chicanos and Puerto Ricans.
The actors had only 30 minutes to act out the novella with limited props and scenery. Some cast members played multiple characters due to the numerous characters.

Mr. Mark Urban, Head Speech Coach, is responsible for cutting the full-length book into a 30-minute visual presentation. According to Urban, he began that process by photocopying the entire book and laying it all out on his living room carpet.

“I decided to Mango Street this year because I had the perfect cast who all played an active role in determining the script,” says Urban. “We are really hoping to make it to state this year for the first time in GI history.”

Group Interpretation took first place at sectionals and will compete in Springfield, Illinois on March 23.