Varsity Basketball works hard to get ahead


Coach Neil Miguez talks to his varsity basketball team during a time out against Richards High School. The team went on to win one of their next three games at the Thanksgiving tournament.

Selena Washington, Staff Writer

The boys varsity basketball team are starting off their season with a struggle for wins with a record of 1-4.

Last year, the team had a losing record of 21-4, which was “the worst of my career,” says Coach Neil Miguez.

This year, there are mostly young players on the team with only five seniors.

For this years season, Miguez’s team is working on all skills,  but they are getting better at turnovers, consistency, and toughness.

Miguez’s goal this year is to lead his team to greatness.

“They have to play as a team, play harder.  Playmakers need to make plays, and play harder,” says Miguez.

Since the team is mostly juniors, Miguez is also trying to get them experienced with playing in a varsity level, and getting transfer student athlete, Daylen Wilson, caught up with the Ike plays.

“In some things we need experience. There is a lot we need to work on, but they are getting confident,” says Miguez.

Team captain, Rayshawn Schandon says, “I plan on leading my boys to the championship game by being a students athlete on and off the court, being a coachable athlete, and following up with Coach Miguez’s plans.”

The boys lost their first away game against Oaklawn 45-44.