Bathroom Dilemma: Who’s really to blame?

Juliana Verduzco, Staff Writer

The girls bathroom: A dilemma that has been argued about over and over again. They’re always dirty, they have writing everywhere and most of the stalls don’t even lock or have locks. With all these issues there’s two main issues complained about the most. One, there are not enough bathrooms and Two, no one ever fixes them. The question is , whose to blame for these constant issues?

Well if you’re thinking it’s the school, you’re completely wrong. There’s no one person to really blame, but all of these issues are caused by the female students. If you ever go into most of these bathrooms, you’ll constantly see a group of girls or just one or two, not exactly using the bathroom per se , they’re usually chatting, using their phones, doing their makeup, or just messing around.

Which is the main problem- these girls don’t know how to go to the bathroom and get out. There’s no need to sit around in the bathroom. I got the insight of one of the many staff members in Eisenhower of what is being done about the bathrooms, and as it turns out the bathrooms get fixed and cleaned up constantly.

Security guard Ms. Therese Brown has  said that maintenance has fixed the bathrooms more than once already, “All they do is mess around in there, the locks have been fixed once already, the school can’t continue to keep fixing the bathrooms, just to have them get broken again,” Says Brown, which is completely understandable.

Besides having female toiletries and constant vandalism on the bathroom walls, one particular issue comes to the attention to many, the lack of stalls vs. the number of females in the entire school, also the five minute break to use the bathroom. On the third floor bathroom, there are three stalls and a giant empty space, many females complain how they could add more stalls, to help with the situation of having less open bathrooms. Which is actually a excellent idea, with the lack of stalls on the first floor , counting out the three to four broken locks, and the constant crowdedness of girls in the second floor bathrooms, adding stalls may be a good solution, but with the constant state of stalls being broken and the constant messes in these bathrooms, that may never come to action. Lastly, the time frame of five minutes,which we are told to use the bathroom during, and how unfair it is to the students.

Five minutes, we have five minutes to use the bathroom , with the problems of the bathrooms it makes it simply impossible to even get into a stall without being late, all students agree that the five minute passing period isn’t enough for students to actually use the bathroom.

But the real question is , what can be done? One student ,who didn’t want their name to be mentioned, says, “ I honestly think we should get extra time [To use the bathroom] ,we have to rush through the halls just to go to the bathroom and still end up late,and if we can’t make it we aren’t allowed to go during class. It just doesn’t make sense and it’s not exactly fair.”

Getting the stalls fixed and the bathrooms cleaned up is an easy solution: get into the bathroom and get out, simple as that, the constant ditching and messing around in the bathrooms need to come to an end if we want anything to get fixed.

The rest of these issues could be resolved over time, but the question is how will they get fixed, and what can we, as students, do to help get this issues taken care of? Will the school understand us as students and see that these small issues are becoming more and more of a problem? Not just for us, but for the teachers as well. These problems need to get fixed, as students, as the school all together, something has to be done.