Girls varsity softball back for another season


The 2017 varsity softball girls pose for their team picture. Many of the girls pictured here have returned to the varsity team once again.

Brianna Smith, Staff Writer

Returning from a losing  season, the girls varsity softball team is off to a great start, winning their first game 11-0, and looking for a major comeback.

The team held tryouts in February, and have eight girls returning from last season; four seniors, three sophomores, and a junior.

Since last year, coaches have come and gone. Ms. Amanda Pacholik, Ms. Werniak, and Ms. Lindsay Dahlke will be the coaching the varsity team this year. Ms. Werniak was a softball coach for 5 years before taking time off, while this is Ms. Dahlke’s first year as a coach, but is an Ike softball alumni.

Although the season last year might have not been what they had hoped for, the coaches were very proud of how young the team was last year.

“I’m excited to see how the team does together,” says head coach Pacholik. “I see a lot of growth and a lot of excitement. As long as we’re growing and improving, I call that a win.”

Pacholik really wants to work with the girls skills when they’re up to bat. She states that their defense is great and that they work well as a team.

Since the team consists of a lot of younger members, the coaches hope that the older and experienced girls will help them out.

“I can’t wait to get on the field again,” says senior Lyannie Nieves. “All we can do is work hard and try; I believe in the girls this year.”

The girls first softball game will be against Bloom High School on March 17 at Eisenhower.