Schools fail to educate next generation of teens

Selena Washington, Staff Writer

Millions of high school students sit in classrooms across the country and learn everything except for one of the most important things in life that actually exists — sex!

School systems are so stuck on teaching the basic math and reading skills that are taught consistently throughout a student’s whole educated life. These days, health classes only teach a very small portion of sex education.

The reality is that 99.9% of people on planet earth will eventually, somewhere in their lifetime, have intimacy with another human being.

“Without sexual education present in our curriculum students are not being educated on the route of transmission and prevalence of risks of contracted and spreading the diseases,” says Ms Maureen Featherstone.

The sad part about this fact is people don’t know the most important risks, facts, and statistics behind actually having intercourse with someone. 71% of Americans have had sex before they turned 19, and the baby booming rates in teens are indeed rising dramatically.

This is the reason Eisenhower should have a sex education class just to protect their students. Here at Eisenhower, the sex education unit in health classes are about two weeks long. That just simply isn’t long enough! There should be at least a semester course dedicated to this topic.

Kids should be comfortable talking about sex, but Eisenhower stresses celibacy. Celibacy is not realistic in today’s day and age.

Even though celibacy is a great choice and I also the safest choice, most teenage students won’t go that route. Facility need to come up with other ways to educate their students instead of teaching this outdated way of life.

If Eisenhower can’t make sex education at least a one semester class, they need to extend the unit in health because it’s just not enough information to stick in a student’s head. Stop trying to scare students into not having sex and get with the program. Give students the facts that they need.