Eisenhower clubs need a reboot

Hailey Hecht O’Connor, Editor

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Research from the National Center for Education Statistics has found that students who participate in at least one extracurricular activity have better attendance, GPA, and test scores, and are more likely to graduate high school and earn a Bachelor’s Degree in college.

With statistics like these you would think that every student would be involved in a club or two after school. However, that’s not the case for Eisenhower.

Despite there being more than 30 extra curricular activities available, this year more than half of Eisenhower’s student population is not involved in anything, according to the Activities Facilitator, Mrs. Susan Morgan.

These numbers are shocking. Something clearly needs to be done about the lack of student involvement, and the solution lies within the dramatic shift in clubs today.

Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, a new club trend has made itself very clear. Groups such as the Science Club, Leo Club, and the Gay-Straight Alliance have seen a shortage of students, while the social groups such as Anime Club and Gaming Club have rapidly grown since the beginning of the year.

This shows that the interests of the newer generations are different than the previous ones, which is shifting the popularity of certain clubs.

But that isn’t the only thing. According to Morgan, the students that are involved in clubs are in multiple. They often have to pick and choose which club they will take part in, as Wednesday and Thursday are packed nearly to the brim with varying activities after school, which may also account for struggling numbers.

A good amount of the extracurricular activities are competitive, or at the very least hard working clubs, where a good portion of time needs to be devoted to one or two, such as Speech or the school play and musical.

“Students have a lot on their plates these days,” explains Morgan, “Some have siblings to babysit and jobs to work at, leaving little time to relax.”

Some kids just want to spend time with their friends or have a good time with people who share their interests. And there are even a select few aren’t sure what clubs to join, or what clubs are even available to them and when.

Nothing can really be done about the current year’s club structure, What with there being only a few months left, but starting next year changes can definitely be made.

Firstly, an event could be held during school, either during lunch or gyms periods, showcasing all the activities Eisenhower has to offer. It would function much like the Eighth Grade Open House, but held for the students of all grade levels in the school rather than those outside.

Another idea would be to introduce new clubs that lean more towards a social group rather than a competitive team. These clubs could be open to the greater population of student with broader-ranging ones such as a music club or a movie and tv club where students can gather due to shared interest.