Foreign language students take AAPL test


Maya Dingle-Huntley, Staff

April 24, Monday Honors Spanish 4 took the AAPL test in the fishbowl.
The AAPL test offers a seal of biliteracy for students in Illinois. When students graduate, they have a chance of earning a biliteracy stamp on their diploma and on their transcripts if they pass the test.
All of district 218 Foreign language students are taking the test if they’re in level three or four. The District buys the test for students to take.
There are four parts of the test: speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The test asks students to write an essay on three provided topics. Students also talk through a microphone on the speaking part of the test.
To prepare students for the test, Elizabeth Wallace, Spanish teacher says, “the test is kind of an accumulative assessment, so it’s up to the students to put in the work throughout the years to be at an bilateral or bilingual level.”
This is the first year that the district is taking this test. Many students felt positively about the test and excited to see how they score.