French class go to eat


French taking Students at Mon Ami Gabi

Stephanie Mendoza, Staff

On Wednesday April 25 all french classes went on a field trip to Mon Ami Gabi which is a french restaurant in Oak Brook Illinois.

There were about 57 students from all three levels of french classes in Eisenhower who went to the field trip they were accompanied by four chaperones, who were Ms.Torres, Ms. Krilich, and Mrs. St Leger and lastly Mrs. Reed.

Mrs. Reed, who was in charge of planning this field trip and also teaches some of the french classes, has expressed how all her students “behaved beautifully”

All students that went had to go dressed nice and had to be respectful, they also had to try everything at least once. The cost of the trip was $23 and was after school on Wednesday.

“The field trip was a great experience and the food was different but delicious,” says Vanessa Rodriguez, sophomore, who went to the field trip.

Mrs. Reed hopes to make this an annual field trip for all her students. She is also planning another french field trip to Canada in May of 2019.