Physics class conducts experiment at Six Flags


Students posing for picture on raging bull

Joel Herrera, Editor

On Thursday April 26, students enrolled in physics or AP physics class spent the day  figuring out calculations by riding several roller coasters.

The class traveled to Six Flags Great America to experience Physics Day, a private event that gives students the opportunity to use the outdoors as a learning lab.

This one-of-a-kind educational event included educational seminars and special measuring equipment that could be used while on the rides.

Each student had to collect data from two rides while attending Physics Day at Great America. One of the rides was been chosen by the teacher and the second ride was the student’s choice. The goal was to collect necessary field data that would help solve calculations about the ride.

The park was only open to school science groups in Illinois during this exclusive event. Students were also able to purchase season pass tickets for $70.