Outdoor education participates in cookout


Outdoor Ed. boys take group picture during cookout. From left to right: Brayan Lopez, Joel Herrera, Edwin Esparza, Kevin Collins, Rolando Aguirre, Jose Garnica

Joel Herrera, Editor

On Friday May 3. Outdoor Education went outside to cook meals during class.

Students worked in groups to prepare foods of their choice and were then graded on their participation.

Outdoor Education teacher Bryan Barham provided a tabletop gas grill and fuel for each. Throughout the day he supervised the students, making sure the equipment was properly used.

“I enjoyed going hands-on with the outdoors,” says junior Rolando Aguirre. “Even though the grills were small, my team was able to make enough food for our team and others.”

The teams planned weeks before the day of the cookout on what each member was brining and the roles for preparing the food.

Barham had planned the event last fall, however, the forecast during the time was unsuitable for using the grills.