Prom or no prom?

Stephanie Mendoza, Staff

There are many school events that are all fun and cool to go too. But the one school event that is a must go too is prom.

Every year, prom is the talk of the last couple months of highschool. Now the question is would you go or would you rather stay home?

Each girl who will be attending prom has to pay for her makeup done, pay for a stunning dress, pay for her hair to be done, pay for shoes.Those are only the basics as guys have to buy tuxedos and nice shoes. They even have to come up with an elaborate way to ask their date to prom. The ticket to go to prom, as other things.

Are doing all these things really worth going to prom? Is wasting hundreds of dollars on one night worth it?

Prom is not just a one night party, as all the other things in our life, it will stay with us forever in our memories. It is the last night you will party with your class. With the kids that you have grown up with, and have known all your life.

It will be a night to remember as it is one of the last exciting events before graduating high school, and being thrown into the real world.