This girl is on fire


District 218 welcomes their first female athletic director, Ms. Colleen Antas.  This is her first year working in district 218.

Although she is new to the job, that isn’t stopping her from setting new goals for the athletic department.

Antas plans on getting the community more involved in Eisenhower sports. She plans to do that by getting on social media and spreading the word about sporting events in hopes that it’ll bring out a larger crowd.

Now that Eisenhower’s stadium is finished (as of last Thursday); the school has space to hold all the fans that come out to watch the games.

Antas not only participated in sports while in school,  but she also graduated with honors. The Northwestern graduate was a three-time academic all-conference selection in the Big Ten.

Antas has been doing great things since her college now she is being set the bar even higher by becoming district 218’s first female athletic director in history.

Although it sounds like a lot of pressure, Antas says “I love what I do and being a woman shouldn’t stop you from doing whatever it is you want to do whether it’s sports, a job, or any opportunity.”

Antas goes on to say that she’s very excited with her new task in the athletic department and she is willing to change things if she has too.