Junior workroom now in session

Joel, Herrera

Juniors are getting ahead of the game when it comes to preparing for life after high school.

This year, All incoming Juniors will be required to attend Junior Workrooms, a program designed to help students explore different career paths and post-secondary planning.

“The program is designed to be beneficial to all students, not just college bound kids,” said Junior workroom coordinator Ms. Allison Foley. “[Workroom] is test prep, but not just SAT prep because most trades now require the passing of a math heavy exam, and these days, there are lots of jobs that require some sort of entrance exam.”

Juniors will have workrooms on Tuesdays and Thursdays during their lunch period. Students will spend most of the time using Naviance, a new college and career readiness website that will replace Career Cruising.

All of the curriculum we have in store for Junior workroom serves to prepare our future seniors for the real world,” said Foley. “However, this will only benefit students who take ownership and actually participate in the exploration.”

The same rules for Freshman homeroom will apply for Junior workroom. Students are expected to be in the there designated classroom