Outdoor education students learn kayaking

Joel, Editor-in-chief

On Monday Sept. 10 Outdoor Education began Kayaking in the campus pool during class. The kayaking unit will last up to three week with a performance tested aimed towards the end of the unit.

Students worked in groups to practice their kayaking skills: paddle position, forward stroke, backward stroke, forward, 360 turn and more.

Outdoor Education teacher Bryan Barham provided various sit-in and sit-on kayaks and allowed some students to try out a canoe as well. Throughout the day he supervised the students, making sure the equipment was properly used.

“kayaking has been a unique skill to learn” says Michael Hill, senior. “I kind of see it as learning how to drive but on water.”

The last 10 minutes of the class were dedicated for students to free swim and some days Barham planned a activity that required the whole class to participate in.

Barham hopes to plan field trips that will incorporate various skills learned in the class like rock climbing and archery.