Yearbook no longer offered as class

Joel Herrera, Editor-in-chief

Yearbook class will no longer be offered as an English course next year and will shift into a extracurricular activity instead.

According to Anthony Corsi, English & LRC Curriculum Director, the proposal to delete Writing for Yearbook as an English course is proceeding for three main reasons: the course has low enrollment; the course has some high expenses associated with it; the course is out of alignment with the English Department goals.

Yearbook was originally designed to capture the memories at Eisenhower from Prom to the seasonal pep rallies. Students would learn how to reflect the events and lives of people involved with the school during that given year whether through photos or captions.

“Yearbook has several associated costs including computers and computer programs that require funding,” says Mr. Corsi. “Deleting the course will free up resources that we can apply to existing courses and/or applied to future courses.”

Although the class will be no more, administration is hoping to transition Yearbook into a after school club that will allow students to experience the process of making yearbooks.