Women empowerment rises at Eisenhower


W.O.L.F Club members gathered on Tuesday Oct. 23 in room 334. W.O.L.F shows empowerment by copying Rosie the Riveter.

Gisselle Almazan, Staff Writer

World Of Leading Females ( W.O.L.F Club) is the first ever female empowerment club at Eisenhower.

Since September, W.O.L.F Club has met every Tuesday after school in room 334. W.O.L.F Club is sponsored and lead by Ms. Dana Madrigal, English teacher, and was created to be a safe place for young females at Eisenhower to be open on their views of social issues in school and nationwide.

Julia Barrientos,Senior, was the first student to bring upon this idea of a club that welcomes and encourages female to express their voice on an issue.

“I wanted to create this club because school should be the place we are educated on the social problems we face.”

Meetings usually run from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. Students gather and began talking about an issue they have a comment on. The students are also educated on the issue through presentations created by Madrigal.

On Oct. 23 the club spent time creating motivational posters to hang around the school to not only create empowerment but also promote the club.

So far only 10 students have signed up for the club and Ms. Madrigal is hoping for more students to sign up throughout the year.

“Give it a try, you deserve a place to be a woman”, said Madrigal.

Madrigal hopes this club creates a huge effect on the community and that the students at Eisenhower feel confident within themselves.

Within a few weeks, The Club will be selling t-shirts for as low as $15.

If interested in joining W.O.L.F Club see Madrigal in room 334.