Key Club sends hope to Philippines


Handmade bracelets are being sold by Key Club in the cafeteria, at games, and after school. These bracelets help create a better future for impoverished families in the Philippines.

Gabriella Gallegos, Staff Writer

Key Club is selling handmade bracelets that are made in the Philippines, so families in the Philippines won’t have to sell their kids for some source of income.

From September – December, Key Club will be selling handmade bracelets for $2. They sell bracelets regularly at games, during lunch, and after school.

Key Club is partnering with “Threads of Hope”, a non profit organization that promotes a better future for impoverished families in the Philippines. Making bracelets gives families in the Philippines labor and steady income to support themselves.

According to the company website, “In the Philippines, children in poverty are sometimes forced into desperate situations to help provide basic needs for their families.  Poverty and lack of education can make prostitution appear to be their only option left.”

“It is a different type of charity and bracelets are likeable, which helps,” says Ms. Debra Cicora, Key Club sponsor.

So far, the club has sold over 40 bracelets and have a goal of selling 500 bracelets before the end of first semester.

“We will meet our goal if everyone in the club does their part and sells,” said Zulema Torres, senior.

Key Club meets every other Tuesday from 3:15- 4 p.m. in room 208.

Students interested in being part of the club or selling bracelets, see Ms. Quinn or Ms. Cicora in room 208 for more information.