Lift every voice, sing


Girls practicing to sing at the concert

Maya DIngle-Huntley, Managing Editor

Dwight d. Eisenhower High School hosted their Annual Winter concert. The concert was held in DDE Performing Arts Center on Tuesday December 12, 2018.

The other choir was directed by Choir teacher, Ms. Tina Jacklin. There are currently 184 students in the choir.

There are four different types of choirs that performed on Tuesday, mixed choir, concert Choir, Honors women’s choir, and Honors concert choir. Which are all also directed by Jacklin.

The choir performed winter songs, not only about Christmas and Santa Jacklin says “everyone doesn’t celebrate Christmas so I choose some familiar winter songs.”

A lot of time goes into these concerts. Jacklin starts planning in the summer by picking the songs that will be performed.

But the ball doesn’t really start rolling until she meets all of her students. She analyzes their ability and choose which songs will vocally fit them best.

All choir students are tested on their ability to read music and vocal range which divides them into different levels of choir and they also sing different songs.

“ choir is my favorite class. I hope to become a choir teacher someday.” Says Senior, Viannca Bacena.

They are also divided by how long they have been in choir, how hard they work and, their improvement.

Mixed and concert choir sing medium range while Honors concert choir and women’s Honors choir are more advanced.

The students are the only ones putting in work accompanist, Ms.Margaret Oetjen and Ms. Peg Mooney help Jacklin in the background playing the piano while music teacher, Mr. Anthony Koehler played the guitar.

It took a lot of hard work and practice to be able to sell out the winter concert this year. Teachers and students work extremely hard to put on a good enjoyable show.