Cereal celebration serves up smiles


Cereal Celebration takes place Dec.10 2018. Students help others pour milk and cereal during celebration.

Gisselle Almazan, Staff Writer

Cereal Celebration is back again and helping raise school spirit.

During 5th period lunch, juniors Nick Granados and Alexis Martinez organize a monthly celebration every Monday to help spread school spirit by bringing cereals to lunch and sharing them with students. After seeing students enjoy the idea of coming and eating together last year, Granados and Martinez decided to keep the tradition going again this year.

The idea started in Mr. Dan Mahoney’s drivers education class, in which he encouraged a group of students to bring this idea to life.

“I really liked this idea of this good group of students doing something good for this school” says Mahoney.

At the beginning of lunch, Martinez meets Granados and other students at the first two tables with the supplies. Students help themselves and help others grab materials or serve. Cleanup is done by the help of participants and janitors.

The celebration first began to help eliminate stress to seniors and have something they could look forward to at lunch, but soon spread to all grade levels.

“We encourage everyone to go, but it was a way to allow the seniors to have a good send off because it started last year when the school year was ending, so we decided to make it memorable for them” says Martinez.

Since last year, the celebration has reached lots of attention from students and has overall been supportive by everyone at Eisenhower.

Flyers are also posted throughout the hallways and classrooms to help promote the celebration.

If you are interested in participating in the celebration, check out their Instagram account at ike_cereal_celebration.