Main entrance undergoes secruity upgrade


Construction on the new security section continues during the month of December

Joel Herrera, Editor-in-chief

As the threats of school violence become inherent, Eisenhower High School is already thinking about safety improvements.

EHS is in week two of renovations for school security upgrades. The School Board agreed to work with a Waukegan-based construction company to build the entrances at a bid of $1,187,500.

With the main entrances doors lacking security protocol, the school will add a new security room to the front entrance that will verify all students, staff, and visitors upon entering the building. This upgrade is aimed to make the school more safe for students by better controlling access to the building.

“There has been numerous amounts of school related violence this year,” says Principal Mr. Erik Briseno. “Because of this, there is now an urgency to keep our students safe, which is why we need to stay up to date with our security.”

Students entering the building before 8:10 a.m. will go through the main entrance doors as before. After 8:10, anyone trying to enter the school will need to go through the new security room to be verified by security and will then be sent to the attendance office.

Because the school is adding a new security room to the main entrance, the current security desk will be removed. The school is undecided about how to fill this vacant area, but administration is looking into transforming it into a lounge.

The construction of the new security room started on Dec. 5  and is projected to finish sometime at the end of January 2019.

The company will also build new secured entrances at Richards High School in Oak Lawn, Delta Summit Learning Center in Midlothian, and at the district’s administrative offices in Oak Lawn sometime in the next four years. .