Key Club motivates students for upcoming finals


Gisselle Almazan, senior, sells holiday grams and bracelets for finals week in the cafeteria on Tuesday, December 11. She enjoys volunteering and raising money for key club.

Gabriella Gallegos, Staff Writer

Key Club started selling holiday grams to help motivate students on their upcoming finals.

Key club members are selling the candy cane grams before school and during lunch periods from Dec. 10-12 in the cafeteria.

Key club decided to make and sell holiday grams this year to help students get through their finals.

The grams consist of a card where a friend can write a motivational message,a pencil so students are prepared to take their finals and a candy cane to enjoy as a snack after they finish their exam.

The gram itself cost $1 and all the money goes towards the clubs fees and their member dues.

“If the grams are successful then maybe we will do something similar to it in the future.” says Ms. Jeannette Quinn, club sponsor.

All the projects are brainstormed and voted amongst club members at the meetings.

“Our projects are fun and creative, that’s what i like about the club. We can all come together to do volunteer work and raise money for good causes.” says Zulema Torrez, senior.

This is Quinn’s last semester as club sponsor for Key Club, she will be resigning the position and Ms. Debbie Cicora will follow up with all future second semester meetings.