Halls empty from day sweeps


Hallway sweeps began Nov. 28, encouraging students to be in their classroom when the bell rings. The sweeps may continue into next semester depending if the tardies have gone down.

Anese English, Staff Writer

The district deans have busted out the brooms and started the first hallway sweeps.

The hallway sweeps started Nov. 28 at the beginning of first period and later changed to the beginning of 2nd period. The district deans decided that the hallway sweeps should be started because students were being late to class.

The sweeps are for students that are caught in the halls after the bell rings. Any student that is not in class when the bell rings, is forced by the teacher or anyone who catches them, to get a pass. After two passes, the student is required to have a mandatory 1-hour detention.

“Sweeps are necessary, some students forget main purpose of being at school, which is to be on time to class” said Mr. Larry Scelonge, Security Officer.

According to Mr. Timothy Baker, Dean of Students, the tardies have been improving since the start of the hallway sweeps.

Since the start of the sweeps the average tardies have gone from 32.4 to 14.9 by Dec. 7.

There may be some contradictions in the statistics for the hallway sweeps, the tardies went from 77 a week before the sweeps began to 98 tardies a week after the sweeps started for 3rd period.

“I don’t think good students are being negatively affected by the hallway sweeps because they get to class on time and if they are caught and we see they have not been regularly tardy, we give them benefit of doubt” said Baker.

The hallway sweeps may or may not be continued for next semester, it is supposed to be a surprise.

“I think the lack of bathroom passes given in class could make some students late for class but we are trying to find some potential solutions to having so many students in the bathrooms during passing periods” said Baker.

Hopefully students are encouraged to get to class on time so that next semester, there won’t be hallway sweeps.