Celtic Woman: Ancient Land Album


Left to right: Tara McNeill, Mairéad Carlin, Eabha McMahon, and Megan Walsh. Celtic Woman band members in new album. Photo credit to trustarts.org.

Viviana Castillo, Staff Writer

If you’re interested in Irish or relaxing music, then you might want to check out the album Ancient Land, by Celtic Woman, which was released on September 28, 2018. The rating is 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon.

The genre for this album is Celtic music, New Age music, and operatic pop.

Reviews are mostly good, 46 in total, two-three are for the case being purchased on Amazon, with only one or two songs missing.

There are 16 songs in this album, ranging from two-four minutes each, 58 minutes in total.

The lyrics are good, the rhythm in some songs is a bit fast-paced, and the sounds are heard clearly. The theme of the album is the ancient times, when the people struggled to get home and sang in harmony. The songs range from the singer going home, to singing about their family. “Garden of Eden” is a fast-paced song about a man running through the Garden of Eden and leaving his lover alone.

The band has 4 members currently: Máiréad Carlin, 30, Megan Walsh, 21, Éabha MacMahon, 28, and Tara McNeill, 27. The original members were Chloë Agnew, 43, Méav Ni Mhaolchatha, 36, Órla Fallon, 44, Lisa Kelly, 41, and Máiread Nesbitt, 39. The band was originally formed in Ireland in 2004, representing a multitude of cultures. Their songs range from multiple origins, but mostly Celtic.

The album, Ancient Land, is available on Spotify, Amazon, and YouTube.