Apple Airpods sound like waste of money

Gisselle Almazan, Staff Writer

Have you heard about the recent trend? There is a new trend that having Apple AirPods makes you feel “exclusive”. So if you’re looking to be exquisite, Apple will gladly take your money.

The bluetooth-wireless Apple AirPods that took stores in 2016 start at a price of $159 everywhere in stores and online at . Unlike the $30 Senso Activbuds, Apple AirPods are somewhat water resistant, but not waterproof. The Apple Airpods also come in a handheld rechargeable plastic case, so I would not recommend dropping or losing it.

Apple offers free shipping with the purchase of AirPods online, but that does not take away the fact that they are still over $100 plus taxes.  If you are wanting to lose the wire and spend your money on lightweight headphones, than this is the product for you.

In comparison with the original earbuds that come with Apple iPhones, the AirPods have much more bass in regards to sound, but still don’t reach to have the same amount like Beats Headphones. If you’re looking forward to them being noise canceling, I’m sorry to say but the product isn’t.

The Apple AirPods also have optical sensors/motions so it knows when they are in your ear and when your listening. Personally, I’m not a fan of things turning automatically off and on, but if you don’t mind and like to have them in your ear on or off, these AirPods will suit you.

I was quite impressed by the battery life of the pods and the case. The battery of the pods can last as long as 24 hours, with the charged case and only takes 15 minutes of charging. Very convenient, and easy to manage in terms of battery life.


As for customizing, I was very bummed when I saw the AirPods only came in one color, white. It is still uncertain, if Apple with come out with more colors, but there is a way you can buy a protective or color cover for the chargeable case on Amazon, .

The AirPods are very easy to use, and pair quite easily with only Apple Products and go as far at 33 feet of Bluetooth longevity.

Apple is continuing to ditch the wire, and soon will come out with wireless over the ear headphones, exactly like Beats Headphones. It is still unknown how much the earphones will go for, prices can vary from $150-$300, but they will likely be around the same price range as Beats Headphones.

If you’re willing to spend $159 and are not content with the earphones that come free with your Apple iPhone, than the AirPods are totally for you.

If the reason you want Airpods is going after the prestige of it you have accomplished your goal, although at the end of the day, they are just overpriced little buds in your ears.