Netflix original captivates audience

Netflix original captivates audience

Anese English, Staff Writer

The Netflix original ‘YOU’ has become a binge-worthy popular tv show recently, with it being rated 8/10 stars on IMDb and has 91 percent rotten tomatoes. It was released on Sept. 9, 2018.

The episodes can last from 41- 49 minutes and viewers can binge watch the entire 10-episode season on Netflix.

The storyline of the show is on social media and how dangerous it can be, in the hands of the wrong person. Joe, the main character (Penn Badgley), meets a girl in the library, Beck (Elizabeth Lail), and instantly falls in love, wanting to be in her life. Eventually he stalks her to the point he finds out where she lives and who her friends are based on her pictures online. Joe will do anything to secure his happy ending with Beck and would hurt anyone who gets in their way of happiness.

This tv show is recommended for mature audiences only but seems to reach out more towards teens. This tv series is an interesting show to watch because teenagers now use too much social media. Though there are some graphic and intimate scenes, the series does have a valuable theme—social media can be dangerous.

The acting quality was not mediocre at all, the characters stir up a reaction from the audience because of their decisions, like most movies and tv shows.

The show is based on the book YOU that was published in 2014 by Caroline Kepnes. The show is loosely based on the novel, but there are some differences. Like most modern-day tv shows, there are changes made from the book, Joe does not have neighbors in the book, but in the show, he does—Paco (Luca Padovan), Ron (Daniel Cosgrove), and Claudia (Victoria Cartagena).

Joe and Ron did not get along as neighbors and this overall drama and clash between them made the tv show more believable.

Like many shows, there were predictable moments, like the ending and certain parts in the episodes.

This is a viewer-worthy tv show and leaves space for a season two.