Multicultural artist slowly dances to top charts


Gabriella Gallegos, Staff writer

If you like listening to slow melancholic songs then Ballads 1 might be your new favorite album.

George Miller also known as Joji, released his recent album Ballads 1 on October 26, 2018. The Japanese singer/ songwriter has revamped the meaning of R&B/Soul music and collaborated with a few artists to test out new sounds.

Miller is better known for his former youtube channel Filthy Frank, where he took on a more comedic perspective. Miller debuted an album on his youtube channel using his alias name Pink Guy. Although he was very creative with the bizarre song titles it is one of the main reasons why his album “Pink Season” wasn’t much of a big hit.

Millers first debut album under the name Joji was released on November 3, 2017 titled In Tongues. The In Tongues album showed a distinct side of Miller where he portrayed a more serious tone, very different to what his subscribers were used to. The album itself only had six songs, but it was an amazing way to show that he was progressing from being a former comedian to becoming a well-known musician.

Joji’s most recent album, Ballads 1 covers many serious topics like depression, fury, and romance. One of the big hit songs from this album is “ Yeah Right” which tackles the theme of depression. Joji explains that the tempo of the song and the lyrics were meant to make listeners feel as if time stopped and they were just stuck in the moment. Joji’s voice and slow symbolic rhythm give off a soothing and relaxing vibe, which makes this album perfect for a gloomy day.

In his latest album, Ballads 1, Joji shows how he has grown out of his past immature acting and has started working on bettering his music. He also has three features in this album, which shows growth in his career since he hasn’t been open to working with other artists in the past. Keep in mind that this is his second profesional album, so he does have some flaws to work on, but there is a long road ahead of him.