Making moves; club prepares students for workforce


Hailey Hecht-O'Connor, Editor

Eisenhower’s newest club gets students ready for the workforce.

The “Go Work” club met for the first time on Wednesday, Feb. 20, in room 311 with over 40 students in attendance.

Go Work’s main goal is to prepare students for the workforce by teaching them important skills like applying for a job, resume writing, interviewing, as well as the applicable math and reading used in the real world.

Mr. Justin Clark, Associate Principal, Mr. Frank Valentino (TEE & teacher), Mr. David McDonough, math teacher, and Mr. Eric Rudek, CTE teacher, each talked about the goals of the Go Work club, how they would be contributing to the success of the club, and their personal experiences in the workforce.

“At some point, everyone will need to go through the process of findings a job, interviewing and keeping a job,” explains Clark, “[Go Work] will give the students at DDE a head start.”

The endgame goal of the club is to create the “Go Work Certificate” – a certification that shows students have completed the line of Go Work training meetings, and have met a certain standard of grades, attendance, behavior in the school. Students will be able to add it to applications to help make a stronger resume.

The Community Outreach Eisenhower Leadership Team (ELT) will host a job fair in early May, which the sponsors of the Go Work club hope they can prepare 20 students for.

“Our ultimate goal: Any students that wants a job or interview will be able to get one.” says Clark.

The next meeting of Go Work will be held March 13 from 3:30-5PM in Room 311, and will teach students the ins and outs of interviewing for a job.