Freshmen kick their way to varsity team


Girls Varsity soccer tryouts took place on Feb. 25 2019. Due to the extreme cold, tryouts were held from 5-7 p.m. in the aux gym.

Gisselle Almazan, Staff Writer

Girls Soccer kicks off its 2019 season March 12 against Providence at Romeoville. The Eisenhower girls are apart of the Windy City Classic tournament that consists of five games and the final being held at Toyota Park.

With 10 returning starting players and five experience players moving up Varsity is motivated to beat last year’s record of 17 wins and five loses.

There will be no change in the lineup according to Coach Iran Rodriguez besides two freshman, Isabella Alatorre and Emily Mendoza.

“I know these two play club and when they play year round they are getting better. I’ve seen them play year round in different facilities and they will definitely help us out, which is why I brought them up” says Rodriguez.

“I’m honestly really excited and nervous to play for varsity because I like playing soccer and there is girls on the team that are older and more experienced than me but I’m expecting to have a good year because there is a lot of talent on the team” says freshman Isabella Alatorre.

As the varsity team shows many strengths they also have obstacles to overcome such as majority of the team members being on the track team also.

“It’s always difficult when a player plays two sports, but I have spoken to the track coach and we have set up some rules and some guidances as far as when they can go with track and when they can go with soccer but majority of the week they will be with soccer” says Rodriguez.

As varsity shows many strengths going into the new season,  the same cannot be said for the freshman team. A total of 10 freshman tried out for the team this year and two were moved up to Varsity leaving less players.

“There will be a freshman team, but we will still pull some of the sophomores down to help the freshman team. It’s not really a choice it’s what we have to do,” says freshman Coach Gino Sepulveda.

The issue of low attendance of freshman trying out for sports is a problem that has been continuously increasing.

“This year was a down year for some reason. I know it’s sometimes an issue with freshman because they don’t really know what they want to do or they find it hard to manage it all at once, which is understandable” says Sepulveda.

Varsity’s first home game will be March 25 vs TF Coop at 5 p.m.