New security entrance nears completion


Anese English, Staff Writer

Eisenhower’s new security entrance is expected to be fully completed after spring break.

Students that are coming into the school before 8:10 a.m. on normal days or 9:10 a.m. for late start days will be allowed to use the normal main entrance doors but if anyone is coming after that time, they will have to go through the new security entrance and be verified and sent to the attendance office.

“Students have to be trained better to not open the doors around the school for anyone” said Mr. Briseno.

The new updated security entrance is being built by a Waukegan based construction company and cost $1,187,500 to complete. The entrance construction started Dec. 5 and went over the projected date, which is the end of January. The new projected date for the security entrance to be finished is before spring break.

“The glass orders took longer than expected and we had moved the camera system over, which is a reason the construction is taking longer than expected” said Mr. Briseno, Principal.

The new entrance is supposed to keep outsiders from walking directly into the school, now they are limited to certain areas. The visitors will be forced to go through security and then the attendance office, so they won’t be mixed up with the students during passing periods.

“I think this will be a change, all visitors will be in a confined area without interrupting the school flow” Larry Scelonge, security officer.

The old security area was being debated on whether or not it would be a meeting room or renovated to extend the main office, but later was decided to be turned into a lounge area. The doors around the school that may be rusted or out of date were replaced and budgeted around $200,000.