Junior workroom struggles with low attendance


English teacher Ms. Nikki Hite breaksdown SAT scores to juniors on March 14, 2019. Students review their scores and explore what areas they could improve.

Joel Herrera, Editor-in-chief

Junior Workroom is having trouble with students not showing up and improvements need to be taken into consideration for the future.

Junior workroom is a 20 minute class held on Tuesday and Thursday during their lunch period. Students will spend most of the time using Naviance, a new college and career readiness website and also Khan Academy that focuses on SAT practice.

While the SAT is right around the corner, student attendance for workroom has still been a prominent issue. Attendance for the program has become low and referrals are up as a result of students not coming.

Multiple teachers have expressed their concern with the growing rate of absensences during workroom.

“On average I have 10 students missing class each day,” says Choir Director Ms. Tina Jacklin.

Although some Juniors have expressed little interest with the SAT practice, teachers are doing their best to stay committed to the program and are continuing to make class engaging for students who participate during class.

“Juniors are not used to the transition of the having homeroom,” says Associate Principal, Ms. Malinda Majoch. “Students are still trying to understand the value or even find value in post-secondary planning.”

The first semester of the school year focused on educating students about the importance of future college/career planning. The second semester exposed students to SAT prep through Khan Academy .

Majoch is looking into improving attendance through incentives and showing data evidence for motivation.

After juniors are done taking the SAT on April 9, Majoch will open a survey to students in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

Although Junior workroom is having a rough time during its pilot year, administration will continue to work with teachers and students to help make it more productive in the future.