K-9 dogs sweep students lockers


K-9 police unit walking through the halls of schools. German Shepherds are the most used dogs for the K-9 units. Image courtesy of Google.

Viviana Castillo, Staff Writer

Four K-9 dogs from Cook County Sheriff’s Department were led by trained policemen on Feb. 26 through the halls of Eisenhower during 7th period.

The dogs were led around the school and, if they stopped at a locker, the security staff then searches the locker.

“This should be a deterrent, hopefully people think twice about what they do and bring in,” says Ms. Therese Brown, Security Guard.

Brown thinks that the dogs were most effective, and says that the school would benefit from yearly searches.

“This is part of an ongoing effort to provide the safest learning environment possible for every student at Eisenhower High School.  Every student has the right to attend a safe and drug free school!” Says Ms. Juanita Lopez, Dean of Students.

Precautions are taken so that the students don’t come in contact with the dogs. During the time that the dogs are in the building, students are not allowed outside of the classrooms except with a security guard escort.

“I think this was necessary and welcome at our school.  We all want the safest learning environment possible for all students.  We strongly feel that our students have the right to attend a safe and drug free school.” Says Lopez.

Shepard High School has had an influence on the drug searches at Eisenhower, in which they conducted their searches last year and reported back with positive feedback.