Feel good Fridays: teachers band together to lighten weekend mood


Dan Mahoney and Ken McNulty stand outside the Driver’s Education office to lighten up the mood for Mangione Chuck Friday.

Gabriella Gallegos, Staff Writer

Every Friday, after 8th period, the Driver’s Education teachers, Dan Mahoney, Ken McNulty, John Duckhorn and a few other teachers gather outside the driver’s education classroom and send kids off to the weekend on a positive note.

Mangione Chuck Fridays are held on the first floor, right next to the cafeteria. Every week teachers gather outside room 118,  some wear silly hats while Mahoney plays Feels so Good by Chuck Mangione on the megaphone or calls out passersby names.

Chuck Mangione is an American flugelhorn player, trumpeter and composer born in the 60’s. His song Feels so Good, is one of his most popular instrumentals and has even earned him a Grammy nomination. Much of his music has been featured on famous television shows like Friends and The Big Bang Theory.

At first, Mangione Friday started off with the music playing from the megaphone but as it started becoming more popular, Mahoney asked Pedro Gamez, junior, to play the song on his trumpet. Without having time to practice, Gamez picked up on the notes right away.

The purpose of Mangione Chuck Friday’s is to lighten up the mood and de stress the environment for staff and students.Events like these are what motivate students and staff to want to come to school. In such a rigorous ambient there is not enough time to sit back and relax, especially when you go throughout the day trying to balance both education and social life.

 “I enjoy participating, it makes me feel like I’m part of the school,” said Gamez.

Mahoney plans on keeping the tradition going throughout the years to come. Mangione Chuck Friday’s will introduce a guitarist in the near future, Jose Gamez, sophomore.