Eisenhower’s parking problem persists


Eric Gdowski parks his car down the street from the school.

Aaliyah Gamboa, Staff writer

Eisenhower students are parking in restricted areas that is meant for the school staff. The parking is very limited, so staff should have primary access to the building.

Students who don’t have DDE (2018-2019) parking permits may park their vehicles at their own risk around campus. Some residential blocks have posted “RESIDENTIAL PERMIT PARKING ONLY”

Students can park at the East Lot along the 12700 clock of Sacramento Ave. Students even park on the gravel lot next to the bowling alley, but again, it’s still parking at your own risk

“Why pay so much money for a permit when I can park publically down the street for free, and just walk a little bit. I don’t mind all the walk at all.” Says Eric Gdowski, junior, when asked about not buying a parking permit.

The penalty for parking without a DDE issued placard, or off limits parking can be as follows:

  1. Red colored tag/ sticker warning placed on vehicle window, which a recorded is kept for unauthorized parking.
  2. Second time offender, a red colored warning sticker will result in a BIPD issued parking citation, with fees starting at $53
  3. Third time offenders will be issued BIPD citations again, per city ordinance, where one can be issued every 24 hours
  4. A habitual offending vehicle may be towed from private property at the discretion of DDE administration.

Vehicles are towed to Walsh’s Towing, 5600 W. 111th St, Chicago Ridge, Illinois 60453.

Complaints about the parking have been a pre-existing problem. Students and staff who are non-compliant with the proper DDE parking tag are being issued these tickets. These citations are issued by the Blue Island Police Department.

Parking permits are a one time fee of $75.00, and you would have to see Mrs. Guzman in the main office. The tag is good only for the school year.