Students recognized for school spirit

April 29, 2019

Student of the Month recognition recently started up again by Mr. Peter Hernon, Dean of Students and the Climate Committee, in early February.

Student of the Month is when a selected student from each grade level is recognized for their outstanding and noticeably good behavior in school.

“I think that if you celebrate one student for doing a good job, then it will make others perform better and become contagious” said Mr. Hernon.

Each person can be nominated on paper which can be found in the counseling and attendance office and in the cafeteria next to the door entrance. The Climate Committee and Hernon then decide which student is selected for Student of the Month.

Each student receives a bag full of prizes, which consists of movie tickets, candy, balloons, and pictures.

Hopefully more students feel encouraged to do better in school so they can win Student of the Month themselves.