Thank you Ms. Hite


Joel Herrera, Editor-in-chief

When I signed up for newspaper in high school I did not know exactly what the class would entail. All I had really been told by other students was that it was more than just a English elective. I soon learned over the course of three years that I would gain much more from the class than I initially expected.

Thank you for walking into the classroom each day with a smile and a positive attitude, no matter what needed to be done or what you were stressed about. You have inspired the entire team not only when it comes to writing, but also in many other skills that will benefit me long after those newspaper classes were over. I have learned to always look forward, no matter what mistakes have happened.

Thank you for creating such a awesome team full of unique talents and gifts. You knew each and everyone’s strength and weakness helped make the classroom a close-knit family. You weren’t just concerned about our academic status but wanted to know how we functioning personally. You helped the group step out of their comfort zone and create new friendships throughout the school year.

Thank you for teaching us the importance of deadlines. From that first day of class it was very difficult to produce a 500 word article in a couple of days. Now leaving the class with three years of experience, a four-page paper in college with a quickly approaching due date seems a lot easier because of the training to write in short periods of time.

Thank you for always giving us more critique than compliments. You always managed to find something which shaped us to always work to improve and made us strive for perfection.


Most importantly, thank you for going out of your way to push students to be hardworking without taking the easy way out, putting numerous hours into your students, and being one of the many outstanding school teachers in our nation, something we are all guilty of taking for granted.

Thank you for being my spark. Journalism opens so many doors for students. No matter if you’re majoring in journalism or if you’re like me a Computer Science major who just loves to write, your love for producing works and writing began somewhere.

With this being the final article for the Red and White Newspaper the staff and entire school would like to say thank you for help covering the news here at Dwight D. Eisenhower high school. Because of you we know that even though the newspaper will be no more, it is everyone’s responsibility to be the news.

Thanks Ms. Hite for being you!