La Llorona dissapoints audience


Gabriella Gallegos, Staff Writer

La Llorona film is a great movie to watch if you want to weep of boredom.

The film released on April 19, 2019 and received a 31 on rotten tomatoes. Directed by Michael Chaves and with a budget of 9 million dollars, it was enough money to let viewers high expectations down. The movie featured a widespread of well known actors like Tony Amendola (Father Perez), Marisol Ramirez (La Llorona), Patricia Velasquez (Patricia), and Raymond Cruz (Rafael Olvera).

La Llorona is a Mexican urban legend with various versions to it. The recent film which released about three weeks ago was based on the most popular retelling of the story. In the movie, a young woman named Maria falls in love with a wealthy young man, they marry soon after and start a family. The young man finds new love and soon says his farewells to his two sons but never to Maria. Maria grows jealous of this and out of fury she proceeds to drown her two kids in a nearby river, but soon regrets it and drowns herself. It’s said that her spirit wanders freely around the world searching in vain and takes other people’s kids to substitute for her own.

This urban legend might have been the most popular scary story growing up in a Hispanic home. The movie however, did not emphasize the idea that La Llorona preys upon bad behaved children. The film solely focused on how La Llorona sticks onto someone’s family and doesn’t let go until she drowns their kids, it doesn’t emphasize the idea that the folklore was told to punish bad behavior.

A more confusing part from the movie was the reveal of the priest, Tony Amendola (Father Perez). As most thriller movie fans know, Amendola is also the priest in the Annabelle movie series. The fact that they mentioned the Annabelle doll in a movie that has nothing to do with it caused confusion as to the relation between both thrillers.

La Llorona film made about $26.5 million on the release weekend, which is somewhat good money for the highly anticipated movie. From the release date up to now, the movie has made 56.5 million dollars worldwide.

The film was the total opposite of what was expected but still entertained the audience. At least the original concept of the folklore was kept for the movie and with the help of the cast it was portrayed pleasantly.