Cast of six takes center stage

The cast of the fall play rehearses for the first time in the PAC after the renovations.

The cast of the fall play rehearses for the first time in the PAC after the renovations.

Madison VanSlette

This year’s fall play “Steel Magnolias” is different from the rest;only six people will be on the stage, and they’re all female.

Nov.12-14 starting at 7 p.m., the Performing Arts Center will be converted into a southern small town in the 1980s.

“Steel Magnolias”, written by Robert Harling, is based on his sister and her condition with diabetes.  The play focuses on the bond of the six southern women, and how they react to life’s obstacles thrown at them.

“It was one of my favorites growing up. It shows the dynamics of female friendships and I’ve had many of those. I mean, I had 13 bridesmaids in my wedding.” jokes Mrs. Sarina Kledzik, Director.

Along with being one of her favorites, Kledzik chose to do “Steel Magnolias” this year because none of her male actors are seniors.

30 people auditioned, but only six could have roles. Those six girls, five of which come from the Speech team, have been working since August. Seniors, Chasity Williams and Lena Smith, juniors, Britany Robinson and Destiny Patino, and sophomores Camille Jatho and Brianna Ramirez.

This year is Williams first year in the fall play. Although she has been in speech for four years, the fall play is a new experience for her.

“It is different having only one personality to portray in the play. At first I was worried I would be a weak link, but the cast has helped me and has given me a lot of tips.” Says Williams, who plays Truvy.

Despite the small cast, there is a crew of 25 students working behind the scenes of the production.

According to Mrs. Kledzik,  that doesn’t make costumes any easier. Each actress has a total of four costume changes to demonstrate the time changes.

A beauty salon is a big part of this play, so the girls had to learn how to style hair on stage. On top of wigs,  there will  be running water on stage to enhance the beauty shop feel.

The play is $5 for students and $7 for adults. Tickets will be going on sale next week.