Deadpool ‘slays’ box office on opening weekend

Deadpool wants you to see his movie as soon as possible.

Deadpool wants you to see his movie as soon as possible.

Alec Miroballi, Editor-in-chief

On Friday, Feb. 12 Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds, hit the big screens in what was said to be a highly anticipated film of 2016.

The movie is derived from the Marvel comics “Deadpool.” In the comics, Wade Wilson (Deadpool) is a mercenary with a shady past. He is highly talented in hand-to-hand combat as well as being a marksman and wielding blades.

Eventually, Wade Wilson becomes diagnosed with  cancer and agrees to be experimented on in a program called Weapon X. The program promises to cure his cancer and give him superhuman abilities.

As such, Wade Wilson does in fact become cancer-free and gains the ability to heal any wound extremely fast like Wolverine. As time progresses, Wade Wilson becomes known as Deadpool and continues to be a contract killer that is hired by various people.

Now, the movie is not a literal translation of the comic, however it does follow the basic guide lines in how Wade became Deadpool.

This is the first Marvel movie to be rated R since 2008(Punisher: War Zone). It has many violent scenes involving decapitation of heads and mass killings of people. Not only this, but it has inappropriate language as well as nudity.

Ryan Reynolds does a pretty good job in portraying Deadpool in his sense of humor, ridiculous comments, and of course his tendency of breaking the fourth wall. Breaking the fourth wall is when a character speaks directly to the audience.

Apparently, Ryan is a huge fan of Deadpool and wanted to do the movie since 2005. His love and commitment to the character made the movie that much better. Also, he has said that he is open to a Deadpool sequel.

According to Box Office Mojo as of Sunday, Feb. 14, Deadpool grossed about 135 million, breaking the box office record for opening weekend that was currently held by Fifty Shades of Grey (93 million).

Overall, Deadpool is an action packed, humorous movie that is great for anyone 17-years-old and above. This movie receives a 5/5 stars from yours truly, Alec Miroballi.