Netflix chills out Hulu

Netflix chills out Hulu

One of the biggest arguments that has never to come to an end is who is better, Netflix or Hulu. If undecided about whether one is better than the other there are many things one should lookout for to decide which one is better.

The price for both companies has a flat rate of $7.99 a month, but to stream more on multiple devices  and to have dvd’s  delivered to your house Netflix will raise their price to $11.99. Hulu offers unlimited streaming to as many devices, but has one catch where if you don’t want to have those unwanted commercials you will also have to pay $11.99.

Now Netflix’s big trump card is that they have more to offer with over 13,300 titles which include the streaming and the home dvd’s, but Hulu’s big counter action to Netflix in which they cannot compete with, it is that Hulu has new episodes of popular shows the day after they air on television, so if you ever miss the newest episode of your television show and have to talk about it with your friends don’t worry Hulu has you covered.

Both companies offer streaming to all handheld devices, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and certain blu-ray players. So for availability it is inconclusive on whether Netflix or Hulu is better.

Original content Netflix takes the cake, where Hulu has tipped the iceberg with their own original series, but they never seemed to get off the ground, whereas Netflix has made many popular original series such as House of Cards or Orange is the New Black.

 In the end it is a real toss up whether you want original content to binge watch from Netflix, or Hulu with their currently airing television shows. To just relax after a long day and just want to watch something Netflix is your choice, but if you are looking to binge watch a new television series Hulu is the way to go. In my opinion I always like to just sit down and watch Netflix at the end of the day.