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  • All Seniors must return IPad and IPad equipment on May 17!

  • Order your Senior Portaits from from Prestige before April 24 or they will be deleted.

  • Congrats to 4 by 800 new school record holders, Guido, Martinez, Alatorre, and Haro!

  • Congrats to Speech Team for heading to state!

Angelica Madera
I would definitely consider myself that casual nerd that you walk by every single morning. I am a huge fan of superheroes. It doesn’t matter if it’s Marvel or DC. I dig and love both. And do not ever make me choose between them both.
I am also that person that would ignore the sound of the hallways with my earbuds. The person that cannot do homework without having some Florence and the Machine on. My taste of music is very eccentric, but it’s something I cannot live with.
I am a sophomore learning how to be a journalist for a couple of reasons. This being my first year, I wanted to take a little taste of who I wish to be when I grow older. Journalism caught my eye because in modern day society, we have all of these interesting stories we can share with the whole world. I also found out my writing isn’t that suckish if it isn’t an essay.
And honestly, I don’t know what career path I’ll be choosing out of the millions out there, but we will see.
My name is Angelica and I approve this message.

Angelica Madera, Staff Writer

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